Blog # 07 – “The Mentalist”: A Must-Watch Series for Detective / Mystery Lovers
My favorite Tv series "The Mentalist"

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Amidst the turbulent times of the Covid-19 pandemic, I discovered a captivating haven in the realm of detective series. A true treasure trove among them was "The Mentalist", an exhilarating show that not only weathered the storm of solitude but also etched an enduring place in my heart.

As a fervent fan of mystery stories, I've delved into many tales of intrigue, yet none held me entranced quite like "The Mentalist." Available on Amazon Prime Video, this series unveils a tapestry of intricately woven plots, each episode an enthralling dance of deduction and suspense. Guided by the genius mind of Patrick Jane, portrayed impeccably by Simon Baker, the show's lead character brings an unforgettable depth to the narrative.


Patrick Jane, once a renowned psychic medium, transforms into a captivating consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) after a personal tragedy. His unmatched skills of observation, sharp wit, and unparalleled ability to read people make him an enigmatic force to reckon with. Throughout the series, his pursuit of the elusive serial killer, Red John (Who supposedly killed his wife and daughter), serves as a compelling backbone, driving both the plot and Jane's unwavering determination.

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Spanning seven gripping seasons, "The Mentalist" allows us to witness the evolution of Patrick Jane's character. From a shattered man consumed by grief and guilt, he grows into a complex individual, driven by a thirst for justice and redemption. His interactions with his CBI team, each member a distinct puzzle piece, create a synergy that enriches the storytelling experience. The subtle nuances of his personality, from his humor to his vulnerabilities, create a deeply human connection that resonates profoundly with viewers.

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"The Mentalist" transcends the mere realm of television. It's an intellectual escapade that challenges your mind and fuels your curiosity with every twist and turn. Whether you're a seasoned detective enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this series promises an exhilarating ride. With its labyrinthine mysteries, charismatic characters, and a touch of wit, "The Mentalist" stands tall as a must-watch masterpiece, leaving you yearning for more even after multiple viewings.

I will give solid 9.5 out of 10 to this series as this is one of those series which I have watched several times and every time it feels like new. Click the link below to watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch The Mentalist on Amazon Prime Video

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