Blog # 01 – My Journey to Car Ownership with the Roshan Digital Car Scheme through Meezan Bank
My Journey to Car Ownership with the Roshan Digital Car Scheme through Meezan Bank

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As a tech-savvy individual, I have always been drawn to the convenience of digital solutions. When I heard about the Roshan Digital Car Scheme for Meezan Bank Roshan Digital Account holders, I was intrigued. Owning a car in Pakistan had been a dream of mine, and the prospect of a fully digital and hassle-free process was too enticing to resist. With a hopeful heart and an adventurous spirit, I decided to embark on this unique journey towards car ownership.

It's Effortless and Easy to Use

Logging into my Roshan Digital Account, I navigated to the car financing section, and there it was – the Roshan Pakistan Digital Car Scheme. The platform was incredibly user-friendly, guiding me through each step with simplicity and clarity. I was thrilled that the days of cumbersome paperwork were behind me. With just a few clicks, I initiated the process and eagerly awaited the journey ahead.

Embracing a Fully Digital Experience

As the process unfolded, I marveled at the beauty of digital technology. Everything, from selecting my preferred car model to submitting necessary documents, was accomplished online. Gone were the days of time-consuming visits to the bank. The Roshan Digital Car Scheme embraced the future, bringing car ownership to the fingertips of Roshan Digital Account holders like myself, regardless of our location.

Personalized Service with One-to-One Communication

Knowing that buying a car was a significant decision, I appreciated the one-to-one communication with my dedicated account manager. Their warmth and professionalism put me at ease. They patiently addressed my questions and guided me through each stage of the process. I felt reassured, knowing that I had a companion on this exciting journey.

Gathering the Required Documents

As I prepared to complete my application, I gathered the necessary documents. My valid CNIC and proof of my Roshan Digital Account were ready, along with proof of my income and address. The undertaking to comply with car financing terms was signed with enthusiasm. With everything in place, I was ready to take the next step.

Following are the required documents for the process to start:

  • Latest employment certificate and pay slip with the date of joining (Better to have atleast 3 to 4 months salary slips so they can reconfirm the per month salary)
  • Last six month salary credited bank statement (Just download from Bank app)
  • Nominee CNIC copy along with contact number and current address with Business and Employer detail (if any) (Nominee should be your immediate family member e.g. Parents, Siblings, Children in Pakistan. Along with contact number and current address)
  • Name of employer’s HR representative with email address for verification purpose. (This should be the person from HR with whom you can connect easily so they can reply to the email sent by Meezan bank as quickly as possible with required details)
  • Credit Bureau Report of stay country (Just search "Credit Bureau Report {Country name}", you will get the website from which you can apply for online report)
  • Name and Number of a reference person (Must be from Pakistan so they can call and confirm, it could be friend or family member. Your account manager can guide)
Important Points to Know Before Starting the Process

Before finalizing my decision, I took some time to consider important points. I ensured I met the eligibility criteria, and I familiarized myself with the car financing terms, installment plans, and interest rates. Researching available car models and authorized dealerships allowed me to make an informed choice that aligned with my dreams and budget.

One crucial aspect I discovered during my research was the significance of car color selection. To expedite the process and get the car quickly, it's essential to consider colors that are readily available in stock. While a specific color might be your ideal choice, exploring other available colors could significantly reduce waiting times. Being open to alternate colors helped me maintain my enthusiasm without compromising on the car's quality and features.

As we selected the local manufactured car, therefore as per process, the final payment plan by bank depends on the invoice generated by the car dealer company. Now a days the price of cars keep on changing, therefore the final price of the car is known when the invoice gets generated which takes minimum 5 to 10 days and then you will know the actual installment plan.

After considering all the factors, I found the perfect car model in a stunning color that was readily available. The joy of knowing that my dream car was within reach filled me and my family with excitement and anticipation for the road ahead.

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Car Delivery

Within 20 days, my car was delivered and family started to enjoy a brand new car without any physical hassle. It could had delivered before but because at first we selected the special color which was not readily available and required more time to deliver, therefore we changed the color after 1 week after my brothers visited the nearby showroom to check the available colors to confirm if they can find any color eye catching. Al ham du Lillah, it was done within an hour and we informed the Bank account manager for the change.

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