Blog # 03 – My First Marathon run experience February 2021 at Muscat Marathon

On February 12th, 2021, on an unforgettable Friday, I embarked on a journey that would forever change my perspective on physical and mental endurance. The Muscat Marathon in Oman, renowned for its picturesque route along the stunning coastline and rich cultural atmosphere, provided the backdrop for my very first marathon. This experience was not just a race; it was a test of my limits, a celebration of determination, and a lesson in embracing challenges. Join me as I recount the exhilarating tale of my Muscat Marathon journey.

1 - The Decision to Run

The idea of participating in a marathon had always lingered in the back of my mind since the start of my fitness enthusiasm. The thrill of testing my physical and mental strength against a formidable distance was both exhilarating and daunting. After months of contemplation, I finally committed to the Muscat Marathon – a decision that set the wheels in motion for months of preparation and anticipation, thanks to my colleagues of Muscat Road Runners.

2 - Training Regimen: The Path to Marathon Success

Preparing for my first marathon was a transformative journey that demanded dedication, discipline, and the guidance of experts. The blend of structured training and supportive communities was instrumental in shaping my Muscat Marathon experience. Preparation required a disciplined training regimen that encompassed various aspects of physical fitness. Endurance runs, tempo workouts, hill training, and cross-training sessions became routine. Each day run was a step closer to conquering the 42.195 kilometers that awaited me in Muscat Marathon. The journey wasn't without its challenges, from battling the hot & humid weather of Muscat to pushing through moments of self-doubt. But these hurdles only fueled my determination to emerge victorious on race day.

2a - Embracing Community: Muscat Road Runners Club

The Muscat Road Runners Club became my haven of support and camaraderie. Joining their weekly evening training sessions injected an added layer of motivation into my preparation. The group runs provided a unique sense of belonging, as runners of all levels gathered to share their journeys, swap advice, and encourage one another. Those training sessions were more than just physical exercise; they were a reminder that I was part of a community united by a common goal.

2b - Coach Chad's OCR Training: Pushing Boundaries

Every Saturday morning, the thrill of obstacle course racing (OCR) training with Coach Chad breathed fresh energy into my routine. These sessions were more than just physical workouts; they were dynamic challenges that tested not only my endurance but also my agility and mental grit. The variety of obstacles, from different types of squats to roll in sand, strengthen my muscles for a mammoth task of running a marathon. Coach Chad's guidance pushed me to explore the limits of my capabilities and taught me the art of embracing discomfort to emerge stronger.

2c - Weekday Routine: Monday Madness and Strength

My weekday training routine was a harmonious blend of Monday madness training runs, tempo workouts, and strength training. These sessions were meticulously designed to progressively build my stamina and bolster my overall fitness. Monday madness training runs with Muscat Road Runners MRR allowed me to accustom my body to the extended exertion required for a marathon, while tempo workouts taught me to manage my pacing effectively. Intermittent strength training sessions played a crucial role in preventing injuries and improving my muscular resilience.

2d - Weekend Long Runs: Gradual Milestone Achievements

Weekend mornings were dedicated to MRR Friday Friendly long runs, the cornerstone of my marathon training. These runs, starting from moderate distances and gradually extending to the full marathon distance, were pivotal in preparing my body for the endurance test that awaited me. The scenic routes along Muscat's coastline not only offered a visual treat but also served as a metaphor for the journey I was undertaking.

2e - Mental Conditioning: Beyond the Physical

While physical preparation was crucial, mental conditioning was equally vital. Visualizations, mindfulness techniques, and positive affirmations were integrated into my daily routine to enhance my mental resilience. I learned to overcome self-doubt, push through pain barriers, and channel my focus towards the finish line, one step at a time.

3 - Race Day: The Unfolding Adventure

The morning of February 12th marked a mix of anticipation and nervousness. The drive from home to The Waves Parking was mixed of emotions as I was about to embark on the journey I never dreamt of some years back. The atmosphere at the starting line was electrifying – a sea of determined faces, all with a common goal: to complete the marathon and half marathon. The first few kilometers were a whirlwind of emotions – the cheers from spectators, the rhythm of my footsteps, and the stunning backdrop of Muscat's coastline along with spectators at both sides of roads kept pushing me.

4 - Battling the Mental Challenge

Around the halfway point, I encountered the notorious "wall" – that point where physical fatigue begins to test your mental strength. It was here that the months of training and mental preparation truly came into play. This was the time when the marathon route goes through inner roads and spectators quantity was reduced. While I was wondering about the status of my body, a sharp pain travelled through my calf muscles. It was just 25 kms done and I had experienced my first cramp of the run. There was still around 17 kms to go and having a cramp at this time means reduction in speed. From 27 till 38 kms, I was only able to run 300 meters and then had to walk 100 meters to fight the cramps which were keep on increasing. Drawing inspiration from the indomitable spirit of fellow runners and volunteers at water stations I pushed through the mental barriers and soldiered on.

5 - Triumph and Reflection

Crossing the finish line was a moment of unparalleled euphoria. The sense of accomplishment was overwhelming – the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and unwavering determination. The medal was not just symbols of completion; it was token of a personal victory that extended far beyond the race itself. As I reflected on the journey, I realized that the marathon was a metaphor for life – an unpredictable and challenging path that rewards those who persevere.

6 - Conclusion

The Muscat Marathon in Oman wasn't just a race; it was an experience that tested my limits, pushed me beyond my comfort zone, and revealed a reservoir of strength I never knew I possessed. From the decision to run to the triumphant finish, every step was a lesson in resilience, unity, and the power of the human spirit. My first marathon experience in Muscat will forever be etched in my memory as a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and the unbreakable bond shared among runners worldwide.

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