Blog # 05 – Iphone / Ipad Restore issue faced by some people
Iphone / Ipad restore blockage faced by people

Facing the dreaded "iPhone is disabled" issue due to repeated incorrect password entries? Your recovery lifeline lies in connecting your iPhone to iTunes on your Mac or PC.

Crucial Info

Here's the crucial twist: if you're an owner of an iPhone 12 or a newer model, be cautious about the cable you use.

Unlike their predecessors, iPhone 12 and above models have specific cable compatibility requirements. Only the Apple-provided new cables will establish a connection for recovery. Attempting to use third-party cables or old Apple iPhone cables (those predating iPhone 11) will result in a frustrating dead end and loop that will never end. You will get connected but it wont proceed to next step until you connect the Apple official cable.

To ensure a smooth data recovery process, always have an Apple-approved cable on hand. Remember, a little caution today can save your precious data tomorrow. Stay connected, stay informed, and safeguard your digital world.

The original process if Recovery is available on Apple website but make sure you use Apple provided cable only and that also post Iphone 11 cables.

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