Blog # 11 – Troubleshooting Garmin Battery Issues: My Experience and How I Rescued My Watch
Garmin watch power on / battery rescue story

Hey there, fellow fitness enthusiasts and Garmin users! I've got a story to share with you today that involves a HILLish Monday Madness running workout, a dying Garmin Fenix 5X, and a surprising solution that brought my trusty companion back to life. So grab a seat, because if you've ever faced a Garmin battery not charging or a Garmin not powering on situation, my experience might just help you out of a sticky situation.

A Rocky Start to Monday Madness

This week's Monday Madness running workout with my MRR colleagues started like any other, with one major difference—I hadn't charged my Garmin Fenix 5X in time. As the excitement of our hills training workout built up, I realized my watch's battery was dangerously low, sitting at less than 10%. Normally, I'm on top of keeping it charged, but a busy workday had slipped my mind. Still, I figured I could make it through the 1 to 1.5-hour drill without a hitch.

A Dramatic Turn of Events

3 km warmup run to the hills, 20 to 30 of 2 types of hill repeats which leads to 45 minutes into the workout and my Garmin was on its last legs, displaying a mere 3% battery life. With 3 kilometers still left to run, I pushed on, determined to finish strong. However, my valiant effort came to a screeching halt just 300 meters from the finish line when my Garmin went dark, succumbing to a depleted battery. Despite the setback, I completed my post-run stretches and headed home, ready to tackle the issue.

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The Frustration of a Dead Garmin

After a refreshing shower, I connected my Garmin to its charger, only to be met with complete silence from my watch. Panic set in, and I began the inevitable cycle of trying different charging cables, adapters, and sockets. My watch remained stubbornly unresponsive. It was as if my Garmin had decided to go on a battery-induced vacation and wouldn't even leave a note. I cleaned the connectors both at watch and cables but still no life. It was all dead silence from watch. Only thing I noticed was that the bottom portion of my watch was getting hot when I kept it connected to charger for 30 minutes during shower time.

A Glimmer of Hope from the Online Community

In times of distress, Google often becomes our best friend, and that's where my search led me to a Garmin forum brimming with stories similar to mine. Others were facing Garmin battery woes, though most had the privilege of a working but uncharging watch. My situation was dire; my watch was not only dead and not charging but had left my 10k run in the digital abyss. And as there is a famous saying. "if its not on Strava / Garmin, then it didnt happen", so my 10k seems to be lost forever. Desperate for answers, I stumbled upon a post by a user named "mhyten01," who had a trick up their sleeve that had helped many.

The Trick that Worked Miracles

Filled with cautious hope, I followed the instructions diligently. I disconnected my Garmin from the charger, then pressed and held down the LIGHT, DOWN, and START buttons simultaneously for a solid 15 to 20 seconds. The screen remained stubbornly black, but I had a gut feeling that things were shifting. Next, I reconnected the charger to my Garmin. And then, like magic, the screen blinked to life! My heart soared with relief and gratitude for "mhyten01."

From Blank Screen to 28%: A Slow Resurgence

Although my Garmin had revived, the battery was showing level of 28% as default, leaving me slightly puzzled. Also I realized that battery charging notification is still not showing but I persisted. I left my watch on charge for another 30 minutes, only to be met with another surprise—no change in the battery level. Still, I wasn't about to give up. I disconnected the charger to see if my Garmin could survive without power; it did, but the battery had dipped to 20% after removal of charger.

The Triumph of Perseverance

For next step and to avoid any conflict, I decided to reconnect my watch to its original charger that had come bundled with it. Miraculously, the battery percentage started climbing. Over the next 4 to 5 hours, I let my watch charge overnight. Now 18 hours are passed since my charge, my Garmin is back in action, working fine like a charm.

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The Trick that Saved the Day

For those who might be in a similar predicament, here's a recap of the trick that worked for me:

  1. Disconnect your Garmin from the charger.
  2. Hold down the LIGHT, DOWN, and START buttons simultaneously for 15 to 20 seconds. Check pic below as arrows indicate the exact buttons on Fenix 5x.
  3. Reconnect your Garmin to the charger.
  4. If your watch is on, you'll see the charging icon. If it's off, a "PLAY" sign will indicate that your watch is powering on.
  5. After power is restored, wait for about 5 minutes before removing the cable. Reconnect it to check if the charging percentage increases.
Have You Faced a Similar Situation?

I'd love to hear from you! Have you ever found yourself facing a Garmin battery crisis or a watch that refused to power on? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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  1. I had a similar situation in my previous Garmin 3HR for almost a year but somehow I was running the show. Alhumdulillah! now I’ve got a new Garmin and it’s running perfectly! Thanks for this article.

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