Blog # 39 – Unleashing New Possibilities: Garmin’s December 2023 Software Upgrade
Garmin 2023 Software upgrade

In an ongoing commitment to elevate user experience, Garmin has rolled out an exciting software upgrade for a range of its fitness and outdoor products, including smartwatches and Edge® cycling computers. Packed with enhanced functionality and innovative features, this update aims to empower users in their fitness journey. The free software updates have already started their gradual release and can be accessed through automatic updates on devices or by using the Garmin Express™ software.

  1. Nap Detection:
    • Automatically track and log your nap times to understand their impact on your body.
    • Receive recommendations for optimal nap times and durations to align with a healthy lifestyle. This was a missing feature and I so wanted to have it. So atlast Garmin have introduced it.
  2. Body Battery™ Energy Enhancements:
    • Gain detailed insights into how sleep, naps, daily activities, and high-stress levels affect your energy.
    • Receive an evening daily summary recapping your energy usage throughout the day.
  3. Wrist-Based Running Power:
    • Measure the power applied during your run to manage effort and fine-tune your training.
  4. Ski Activity Enhancements:
    • Auto-track ski runs to record metrics such as heart rate, time, elevation, and more.
    • Activity pauses during chairlift rides for more accurate tracking.
  5. New Activity Profiles:
    • Preloaded activity profiles for team sports, including football, baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby, hockey, lacrosse, and more.
    • Additional profiles for racket sports, boxing, and more.
  6. Workouts App:
    • Easily find and organize workouts across all athletic pursuits.
    • Review workout history directly on your device.
  7. Smart Notification Image Support:
    • View photos directly from your smartwatch and Edge® cycling computer screen when connected to an Android phone.
  8. Red Shift Mode:
    • Change display colors to shades of red for improved acclimation to darker conditions and reduced sleep cycle disturbance.
  9. Dexcom Watch Face Integration:
    • Connect your Garmin smartwatch with Dexcom G6 or Dexcom G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System to view glucose levels and trends on the watch face.
  10. Wrist-Based Running Dynamics:
    • Measure crucial running metrics such as cadence, stride length, ground contact time, and more to enhance your running form.

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Refer to the table below for a list of supported watches:

Watch ModelSoftware Upgrade Support
Forerunner 945, 965, 255, 265Yes
Fenix 7 SeriesYes
Venu 3 SeriesYes
Epix Gen 2 SeriesYes
Vivoactive 5Yes
Enduro 2Yes
Edge® 540, 840, 1040, Explore 2Yes
Tactix 7 Yes
MARQ Series Gen 2Yes

Note: This is not an exhaustive list, and support may extend to additional models.


Experience the future of fitness technology with Garmin's December 2023 software upgrade. Update your device now and unlock a host of new features designed to enhance your fitness journey. Stay connected, stay motivated, and elevate your performance with Garmin!

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